Three Phoenix Co. v. Pace Industries, Inc.

Appeal; Court of Appeals misapplied anti-trust law; horizontal vs. vertical restraints

Reported at 135 Ariz. 113, 659 P.2d 1258 (Ariz. Supreme Court)


Coastal Investments Corp. v. Superior Court

Special action challenging trial court change-of-venue ruling. (Ariz. Court of Appeals)


Jarostchuk v. Aricol Communications, Inc.

Appeal; Attorney’s mistake of law in calendaring due-date is not “excusable neglect”
Reported at 189 Ariz. 346, 942 P.2d 1178 (Ariz. Court of Appeals)


VanEmmerick v. Colosi

Special action; established “no divorce after death” principle in Arizona
Reported at 193 Ariz. 398, 972 P.2d 1034 (Ariz. Court of Appeals)


Avalon Investment Group, Inc. v. Excaliber Charter School, Inc.

Appeal; trial court misinterpreted trademark law (Ariz. Court of Appeals)


State ex. rel. Dep’t of Economic Security v. Hayden

Appeal; amicus brief – child support, Social Security Act and federal common law
Reported at 210 Ariz. 522, 115 P.3d 116 (Ariz. Court of Appeals)


Clusiau v. Clusiau Enterprises, Inc.

Appeal; established small-claims judgment not entitled to issue-preclusive effect
Reported at 225 Ariz. 247, 236 P.3d 1194 (Ariz. Court of Appeals)


Creative International, L.L.C. v. Sheila Paper Corp.

Appeal; trial court misapplied sections of Uniform Commercial Code


Gregory Real Estate and Management, LLC v. Keegan

Appeal; struck down Governor’s COVID-19 ban on evictions (?) PENDING
Reported at _ (Ariz. _)