When you run into a legal dispute as a business owner, you need a seasoned business law attorney with proven experience. For more than 40 years, attorney Brian K. Stanley has been fighting — both in and out of the courtroom — to protect Arizona business owners from legal issues such as unfair contract terms, breaches of contract, shareholder disputes, business lawsuits, and much more.

Contract Disputes

A contract dispute is a written request seeking as a matter of right, the payment of money in a sum certain, the adjustment or interpretation of contract terms, or other relief arising under or relating to the contract.

Many contracts provide that all contract disputes must be arbitrated by the parties to the contract, rather than litigated in courts. By law, some contracts, including most securities brokerage contracts, must be arbitrated; other contracts are referred by courts as a matter of local law or policy. Arbitrated judgments are generally enforced and appealed in the same manner as ordinary court judgments; a majority of states have adopted the Uniform Arbitration Act to facilitate the enforcement of arbitrated judgments.

Business Breakups

Dissolution is the process of admitting or removing a partner in a partnership. In the process, a revaluation of the company’s assets is conducted to prevent overstating or understating the company’s current net value. In addition, there may be other stipulations agreed upon in the company’s articles of partnership. If the partnership is located in the United States, then dissolution practices must also follow regulations set forth in the Uniform Partnership Act. The term may also refer to the legal termination of an organization’s existence.

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Antitrust is defined as “Legislation to protect trade and commerce from unlawful restraints, price discriminations, price fixing and monopolies.”

The term “antitrust” derives from the U.S. statutes, which were originally formulated to combat a form of business cartelization that became prominent toward the end of the 19th century. Competing corporations would be effectively combined by pooling a controlling share of the stock of each participating company into a single “voting trust.” The great anticompetitive combinations that became the target of progressive legislation in the 1880s and ‘90s were formally structured as voting trusts, and were commonly, and pejoratively, referred to as the “trusts.” Most countries of the Western world have antitrust laws of some form, though more commonly referred to as “competition laws” abroad. For example, the European Union has its own competition law.

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Securities are a type of transferable interest representing financial value. Traditionally, securities have been categorized into debt and equity securities, and between bearer and registered securities.

The uses that are made of securities have changed over time, both for the issuer and for the holder. Though the purpose of capital raising has sometimes been taken to be a defining characteristic of securities, its uses have expanded greatly in modern times. They are often represented by a certificate. They include shares of corporate stock or mutual funds, bonds issued by corporations or governmental agencies, stock options or other options, other derivatives, limited partnership units, and various other formal “investment instruments.” Transferable interest in commodities like oil, food grains or metals can also be referred to as securities.

However, banknotes, checks, and some bills of exchange do not fall into this category. One can enter into contracts to buy or sell various quantities of commodities in various commodity exchanges. These become transferable interest in the particular commodity.

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