Representing Businesses & Individuals Since 1976

Business Law, Real Estate, And Estate Planning Attorney In Metro Phoenix, Arizona

Tell Me About Your Situation

Helping You Plan Ahead

When you call on me to draft a contract, review a business agreement, or build an estate plan, I work meticulously to ensure that your best interests are well-protected.

Representing You During Complex Legal Disputes

If it’s a more pressing legal issue that brings you to my door — for instance, if you’re involved in a lawsuit — I have the knowledge, tools, and experience to fiercely litigate on your behalf.

Attorney Brian Stanley

Brian K. Stanley

Attorney At Law

Practicing law combines some of my greatest passions — solving problems, thinking outside the box, continuously learning new things, and, of course, helping others. When a client brings me a complex case, I am all too happy to create a solution that takes the best advantage of it.

Competitive Advantages

Over The Course Of My Career, I Have Developed A Skill Set That Works To Your Benefit

Extensive Knowledge Of Arizona Law

With over four decades of experience, I am well-versed in Arizona’s laws and statutes. I also know where we may run into red tape and, more importantly, how to work past it.

Aggressive & Strategic Litigation

Every lawsuit presents its own challenges, but fortunately for my clients, I excel in negotiations. My approach to litigation combines sound legal strategy with strong, decisive action.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Whether your case involves document drafting, litigation, mediation, or arbitration, I will strive to design the legal plan that best accommodates your financial needs.

Practice Areas

Working to protect your livelihood and legacy

Civil Litigation

When a dispute turns into a full-blown lawsuit, I stand at the ready to litigate on your behalf. Whether your lawsuit affects your home or work life, I will represent you with conviction.

Business Litigation

Involved in a contract dispute? Business breakup? Securities issue? Allow me to help. I regularly handle these and many other types of business disputes.

Business Contracts & Formation

If you’re looking to start a new business or grow an existing one, it pays to have another set of eyes review your legal paperwork.

Real Estate Law

Since 1976, I have been handling title disputes, foreclosures, evictions, zoning issues, boundary disputes, and so many other real estate matters.

Wills, Trusts, & Probate

Establishing an estate plan is a wise course of action no matter how young and healthy you may be. Get peace of mind by taking this important step.

What Makes Me Different?

I'm Dedicated to My Work

Every day, I face new challenges that keep my mind sharp and my work interesting. Even better — the solutions I build make life easier for my clients.

I Think Outside the Box

Years of practice have taught me the importance of keeping my opponent on their toes. I’ve become adept at designing strategies they don’t see coming.

I Propose Unique Solutions

Because I appreciate the unique circumstances of each case I handle, I am in turn able to develop solutions that adhere to each client’s individual needs.

Choose An Attorney With Proven

Experience In & Out Of The Courtroom

What My Clients Say

Advocating for the People of Metro Phoenix

For more than 40 years, it has been my privilege to guide my clients in Maricopa County - as well as other Arizona counties - through their various legal concerns. I find the work rewarding for a number of reasons — not the least of which is seeing the immense relief that a client gets to experience after we’ve overcome a particularly stressful situation.

Supporting Local Businesses

Helping an individual client attain peace of mind is enough in and of itself to give my work meaning, but I will admit that another driving force behind my practice is effecting positive change in the local business community.

I have always admired the work that business owners put into running their companies, and I enjoy taking each opportunity to help them establish, grow, and protect all that they’ve built.

Protecting Families & Their Legacies

In addition to supporting individuals and businesses, I like to also think of my work as a means of helping families protect what’s most important to them. Through my real estate, estate planning, and probate services, I work to safeguard their homes, finances, and assets today and to prevent future complications that could jeopardize those things in the future.

A Small Firm By Choice

As I’ve developed my practice over the years, I have chosen to maintain a small law firm because I enjoy being personally involved in every aspect of my clients’ cases. Rather than passing off certain tasks to a paralegal or secretary, I handle every component of the work myself. That way, I know my client’s situation inside and out, and they know that their case is in good hands.