As a member of the Concerned Citizens for Los Olivos Park, I want to thank you for all your efforts and for the excellent work that you have done towards preserving the integrity of Los Olivos Park.  Gilda L., Thank you so much for this update and all of your hard work. Words cannot fully express my gratitude for what you have done so far.

-Katherine H.

We echo Katherine’s appreciation of your work.

-John I. & Jim R. -Concerned Citizens for Los Olivos Park

Dear Mr. Stanley,

We were so fortunate to have you as our attorney. You are very professional and your counsel helped us make the right decision.You went beyond what was expected. As a result, we are very appreciative of your help!

-The Hu Family

I looked long and hard at my options when selecting an attorney to represent me in a lawsuit against two powerful corporations and, in retrospect, it is clear that I selected the right man for the job. My case faced a number of serious obstacles in even being brought to a court of law. One of the defendants was an HOA that required disputes to be run through an arbitration process that was unlikely to provide much satisfaction of my claims, and the other was a home builder for whom the time for buyers to bring contractual claims had expired.

It required the development of an imaginative legal approach to address these early handicaps, but Brian Stanley was more than up to the task. While it took some time, Mr. Stanley was finally able to establish a case that had standing against both plaintiffs and, together with provable losses and a clear line of causation back to the defendants, we were able to show a significant likelihood of prevailing at trial, which is the key to any successful mediation. As a result of the work that Mr. Stanley and I put into development of the case, we were able to arrive at a satisfactory outcome through mediation, thereby avoiding the potentially very large costs of a trial followed, potentially, by years of appeals.

In the end, I feel that I owe no small debt of gratitude to Mr. Stanley for his inventiveness in the development of our litigation strategy, his doggedness in carrying it out, and the precision and clarity that characterized every filing that he made.

I also feel that Mr. Stanley was fair with me in regard to the distribution of proceeds from the mediation. Our initial retainer agreement made no mention of how expenses were to be treated in dividing up any award that might be forthcoming from the litigation. Nonetheless, he agreed to my proposal that any expenses that I had borne for filing costs, compensating experts and the like would come off the “top” of any award and revert to me before the balance was parceled out between attorney and client. This demonstrates his basic fairness in working with his clients.

As you can see, I highly recommend Brian Stanley as a crafty, highly capable and honest attorney.

-Michael C.